- by Diaspora and Kenyans

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About Us


Diaspora University Trust on behalf of Diaspora and Kenyans has started the process to establish a Microfinance that will be part of implementing the DUT finance plan.
The Microfinance will grow to become a Microfinance Bank and thereafter a Bank as it implements the DUT finance plan that advances the following:

  • - Jobs Creation.
  • - Houses Development.
  • - Kenya Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Growth.

The Financial Institution will make the following resources productive:

Diaspora Money Resource

The Diaspora in next five years (2020 – 2024) are projected to remit over Kshs 1.5 trillion. Diaspora through the Microfinance will make their money productive through Jobs Creation and Houses development.

Kenya Human Resource

Through facilitating the Diaspora Money to create Jobs the Microfinance will make the Kenya Human resource productive and when doing so grows it. Kenya is currently estimated to lose a human resource worth over Kshs 10 million as millions of Kenyans are unemployed or underemployed.

Global Finance Resource

An article in the Kenya Treasury website reads that when Kenya Government put the Eurobond of $2.1 billion dollars; investors offered $9.5 billion dollars. This shows $7.4 billion (Kshs 740 billion) available Global finance. The Microfinance will make this Global Finance resource productive when applied to Jobs creation and Housing development.

Microfinance Founders

The founder’s goal is to advance Constitutional rights through Jobs Creation and Houses Development.
To Become Founder Contact Email: diaspora@dut.or.ke
Or Call: +254-700-743606.