Small Medium Enterprise (SME)

As Diaspora University Town develops to a Town and University, the town will be supported by SMEs. Register your SME Interest and be listed as part of the Small Medium Enterprises to open their business in the Town.

Email the following details to

  • Business Name
  • Business Website Link
  • If you have no business website, contact Techskilld at to have a template established at website.


    The following SME Plans are ongoing for implementation at Diaspora University Town:

  • Finance - visit website
  • Design-Build - visit website
  • Human Resource Management - visit website
  • ICT - visit website
  • Medicine and Vaccine Plant - visit website
  • Medical Equipment Supplies - visit website
  • Dental Clinic - visit website
  • Media - visit website
  • Tourism - visit website

  • 500 SMEs

    The Town will have close to 500 SMEs open progressively.

    SMEs Categories