Small Medium Enterprise (SME)

As Diaspora University Town develops to a Town and University, the town will be supported by SMEs. Register your SME Interest and be listed as part of the Small Medium Enterprises to open their business in the Town.

Email the following details to

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Our 500 SMEs Introduction Plan

The Town will provide conducive environment and opportunities to all SMEs cutting across these categories.


By establishing a working financial institution, we plan to ensure a more sastainable and prudent way of not online managing the town's finances but facilitate income generation on the latter.

Learn about DUT CREDIT

Human Resource Management

Our Human Resource Management platform is the hiring front of our town. Having an event driven and creative HR strategy we strive to mitigate the hiring bias present in our economic infrustructure.

Learn about Timekazi

Medicine and Vaccine Plant

By frequently improving our technology, we advance medicine and vaccine development and production, thus offering quality medical breakthroughs in both biotech and pharmaceutical production.

Learn about Daktari Biotech

ICT Department

Digitization is one of our major focus. with the help of our ICT Department Team creating most of our digital programs, we are guaranteed a more enlightened and productive operation.

Learn about our ICT Team


An accessible News outlet designed to contribute to the headlining and informing the day to day activites of the Town's (DUT) progress, oprtunities, life cycle, achievements and much more.

Learn about Jamhuri Magazine


Our town location has us set in the most cultured and breath taking sceneries that foster the soul of our community and those that surround us. Be part of the experience.

Learn about our Tourism plan