RN. Bui Thuo

Medical Hospital Co-Founder

+1 951 776 7446
Perris, CA
United States


Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of Southern California. Masters in Nursing with emphasis in leadership and health care systems from the Grand Canyon University.

Work and Experience

Bui has been in the U.S healthcare sector for over 20 years in the different care management systems and departments. She is a specialist in Intensive Critical Care nursing.

She has also worked as an independent provider, caring for children who are medically fragile and a volunteer on Medical missions to Kenya with Operation Smile & AMREF.

Kenya University Project (KUP)

Bui joined Kenya University Project 2014 as a Property Developer and immediately started investing in the project advancement. Jointly with Registered Nurse, Mary Kinyanjui, they would kick-off the Medical Hospital Plan that today Diaspora healthcare professionals continue to shape as they prepare to advance healthcare to the highest standard.

Bui has visited the cities of Sacramento, Baltimore, New York, Phoenix in the U.S, Cuba and the site at Taita Taveta as she played her role in advancing the project.

Diaspora University Medical Hospital Plan

Bui is part of the team working on the Medical Hospital plan and is working on:

  • University Nursing Courses that will be part of the Health Sciences.
  • Medical-Hospital Plan.
  • Medical Hospital First Clinic.
  • Medical Hospital Temporary Hospital.
  • Medical Hospital Nursing Care.
  • Medical Hospital Building Plan.
  • Intensive/Critical Care Unit System.
  • Medical Equipment Procurement, Supply and Management.
  • Medical Supplies.
  • Supplies and Equipment Quality Standards.
  • Waste and Disposal of Medical Waste, Equipment and Biohazard waste.