Welcome to Diaspora University Town

The Town plan is a 3,000 acres plan for creating a home of 90,000 residents.Taita Taveta County is made of 4.2 million acres. 2.7 million acres are reserved for wildlife through National Parks.

Town Plan

The plan of 3,000 acres uses 0.2% of the 1.5 million acres that is allocated toward farming, grazing, settlements and other activities that contribute to the sustenance of life in accordance with Kenya Constitution article 60. (1) Land in Kenya shall be held, used and managed in a manner that is equitable, efficient, productive and sustainable.

Urban Area and Cities Act

The plan is set to comply with the urban areas and cities act (2011) and incorporates the following developments.

Town Departments

DUT has 9 departments for Town Development and Sustenance: