Town House Development

Diaspora University Town is a 6,000 Town Houses Development Plan that is developed alongside the 20,000 Jobs Creation Plan. The plan will meet the housing needs of those who get jobs at Diaspora University Town.

Town House Developer (THD)

A THD is a person who develops 1 – 4 Town Houses using the Diaspora University Town – Town House Investment and Development Agreement (THIDA).

To become a Town House Developer (THD):

  • Download THIDA Form, Fill and Mail back to us. (Click here to Download THIDA Form)
  • Receive stamped copy of THIDA from Law firm.
  • THD puts in Starting Capital per THIDA Terms to activate THIDA.
  • THD through THIDA develops the Town House.
  • For more info or clarification on THIDA, contact us or any of our agents near your state. (Visit our Agents Page)


Download, sign and Email copy Or Fill the electronic form below.

Click here to download and read the terms & conditions