Ms. Phyllis W. Kiarie

Medical Hospital Co-Founder

+1 334 372 5187
Troy, AL
United States


Master of Science (M.S.) Human Resources Management (2014) Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) Minor in Information Systems B.Sc. Business Administration – Information Systems Concentration.


Phyllis has been in the University Education field for the last 7 years serving at various positions as a Business School lecturer and an ICT specialist. She has extensive knowledge and experience regarding:

  • Learning Management Systems Administration (Blackboard and Canvas).
  • Learning Systems Analysis.
  • Education Technology Research & Analysis.
  • Teaching Information Systems and Business courses.
  • Assessment ETL/ AoL.

Kenya University Project (KUP)

Phyllis joined Kenya University Project in 2016 as KUP – Property Developer. She then joined the University Founding team, the Medical Hospital development team and heads the ICT Plan development team.

Diaspora University, Medical Hospital Plan and ICT Plan

Phyllis is currently working on:

  • University Business and ICT courses.
  • University Business School Founding.
  • University ICT Systems to facilitate teaching, learning and research.
  • University Data storage plan.
  • Town ICT plan.
  • Medical Hospital ICT plan.
  • Medical Software Maintenance.
  • ICT systems that include Computers, website development, data storage, and training.