Josiah Nyagwachi, Ph.D

University Co-Founder

South Africa


Dr. Josiah Nyagwachi holds a PhD in Construction Management - with specialization in Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. A Master’s Degree in Applied Science with specialization in Project Management (University of Pretoria). A Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (University of Nairobi).

Work Experience, Teaching, Research and Publications

Dr. Nyagwachi has taught in the departments of civil engineering (Moi & NMMU), as well as department of construction management (NMMU). He is an External examiner for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students for Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU.

He has researched and published nine (9) peer-reviewed papers as well as a textbook on South African Public Private Partnership (PPP)Projects.


Dr. Nyagwachi has over thirty four (34) years of experience as Project Engineer, Project Manager and Public Private Partnership (PPP) specialist in both the public and private sector.

Kenya University Project (KUP)

Dr. Nyagwachi joined KUP in 2016 as a Property Developer and University Founder.

Diaspora University

Dr. Nyagwachi founding of University role includes:

  • School of Engineering and Project Construction Management integration with University.
  • Develop and teach courses on civil engineering, construction and project management, Public Private Partnerships and Research.
  • Conduct research and publish findings in local and international peer-reviewed journals.
  • Lead the operationalization of the Technology and Industrialization Park.
  • Be part of team that will prepare, plan, procure and develop institutional and town facilities and infrastructure.
  • Promote the use of PPP model in the development of sustainable housing and settlements.