Prof. Philip Mutisya

DUT Co-Founder

+1 919 274 7529
Raleigh NC
United States


1989. Doctorate Degree (Ed.D.) in Instructional Leadership with focus in Curriculum Development in Multicultural and Bilingual Education at University of Massachusetts, Amherst. 1985. Master’s Degree in Education (M.Ed.) in International Education, with a focus in Training and Development in Non-formal Education at University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


Dr. Mutisya has more than 28 years in academia-in Instructional Leadership in Education: Instructional Training and Development in Education, Curriculum Development (Policy and Research Evaluation, Program Designing, Assessment, and Evaluation), and Professional Development for faculty and Education Professionals (K-20) at National and International levels.

He has taught in various USA institutions: North Carolina Central University, North Carolina State University, University of North Carolina at Fayetteville, and University of Carolina at Chapel Hill.

He is a certified Process Education Trainer, a 21st Century Transformational approach to Teaching and Learning, and is an executive Board of Directors in two international academic research Association, The Academy of Process Education (, and a Life –time Association Member and Executive Board of Directors Member of the Association for the advancement of Educational Research (

His research in instructional leadership and curriculum development includes: Research Capacity building in interdisciplinary Critical Pedagogy/Andragogy and Diversity, multicultural Education, Cultural Identity, Educational Entrepreneurship, Educational Psychology, and Philosophical/Social Foundations of Education, Professional Training and Development in International and Global Education Literacy.

Kenya University Project (KUP)

Prof. Mutisya joined the progressing Kenya University Project development plan in 2015. He has since invested resources in:

  • Town House Property Development.
  • Providing leadership and organizing the Founding scholars.
  • Visiting WPI and working on the Education system.
  • Visiting Site.
  • Courses and Research.

Diaspora University – 5 Year Development Plan

Prof. Mutisya is currently working on the following as he progresses the Diaspora University development plan.

  • Interdisciplinary Curricular Planning and Programs Designing, Assessment and Evaluation, and Assurance of accreditation of the institutional process.
  • Faculty and Graduate Professional Training and Development.
  • Is part of the Scholars that are developing Instructional programs.
  • Courses in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies Educational Entrepreneurship, Global Literacy, Economy and Social Change.
  • Working on Critical Literacy in Philosophical, and Psycho-Social-Cultural Foundations of Education in a Global Society.
  • Working on Research Capacity Building in Research and Development in Training and Innovation-A Comm-Uni-versity Approach.
  • Plan to enable teaching of Courses in above areas and Leadership Training and Development for faculty and Staff.
  • Establishing partners who will invest in new technologies research and applications in Africa especially Green Technologies.