Prof. Christopher M. Kimaru

University Co-Founder

+1 919 539 3375
Raleigh, NC
United States


Prof. Christopher M. Kimaru received the B.S. in economics and the B.A. in business administration from the William Paterson University of New Jersey, the MPA (Finance) from the University of Delaware, and the Ph.D. in Policy Sciences from the University of Maryland, Baltimore Graduate School.

Work and Experience

Christopher M. Kimaru is a Professor of Public Policy and Administration, and the Director of the Public Administration Program at North Carolina Central University that is located in Durham, NC. He has also taught at Coppin State University and at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Other Service

Prof. Kimaru has served as Taskforce member of the Governor of North Carolina’s Business Incentives Taskforce. He has also served as Delegation Leader for the Dwight Eisenhower Foundation Ambassador Program to lead public administrator’s people to people delegations to South Africa, Cuba, Russia and Estonia.

He serves as Senior Expert for the Asia-Pacific CEO Association, and is also Economic Consultant of the People’s Municipal Government of Maanshan, Maanshan City, China.


He has authored a book entitled International Charity for Self Interest: U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Tropical Africa in the1 980s. He has also published book chapters, and his articles are published in various journals, including Journal of Management and Business Studies, Journal of International Relations and Diplomacy, International Journal of Education and Social Science, Governance Worldwide: The online Journal & Network of American Society of Public Administration’s Section of Public Management Practice, Liberian Studies Journal, and Journal of Research Methodology and African Studies.

Kenya University Project (KUP)

Prof. Kimaru Joined the Kenya University Project (KUP) in 2015 as a Property Developer and university founder.

Diaspora University Plan

Prof. Kimaru is currently working on the following as he progresses the Diaspora University development plan.

  • Curricular Planning and Programs Designing, Assessment and Evaluation, and Assurance of accreditation of the institutional process.
  • Faculty and Graduate Professional Training and Development.
  • Courses.
  • Department Setup.
  • Research Capacity.
  • Degree programs.