Dr. David Matara Angwenyi

University Co-Founder

Hamilton NJ
United States


Dr. David Angwenyi received his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Administration at Capella University, Minneapolis, Minnesota. His Master’s Degree in Education (M.Ed.) in Science, with a focus in STEM Education at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.

His Bachelors in Science with a major in Biology and minor in Secondary Education at Saint Peter’s University, Jersey City, New Jersey. His Bachelor in Science in Clinical Laboratory Sciences (Toxicology), Rutgers University, Newark, New Jersey.


Dr. Angwenyi has more than 15 years in academia-teaching high school science. He has taught at Hopewell Valley Regional School District since 2004 where he is a respected educator for engaging students inside the classroom and beyond the classroom. He is a New Jersey Board of Education certified Biology teacher and holder of Principal Certificate of eligibility. His research focus is in educational diplomacy and the perceived influence of short-term travel on student preparation for college and beyond.

Global Connections Kenya and Academic Gym Services

Dr. Angwenyi, through Global Connections has worked with communities to advance innovations. He has completed a water project and Road project in Nyamira. Through Academic Gym Services he provides students beyond the classroom mentoring with goal to advance leadership potential and diplomacy skills.


  • Entrepreneurship of the Year Award - by StartUpAfrica - 2018
  • Life Changer Honor Roll by National Life Group - 2018
  • Kiongozi Award by HKA - 2017
  • Global Teacher Prize Award Nominee - 2016
  • George Washington Leadership Award by Cyrus-Lodge - 2014
  • Teachers for Global Classrooms - by US Department of State- 2012
  • Excellence in Education Award by CTAUN - 2010

Kenya University Project (KUP)

Dr. David Angwenyi joined Kenya University Project (KUP) in 2015 as a property developer, university founder and Technical High School founder. He organizes the database for proposed courses for the University.

Diaspora University – 5 Year Development Plan

Dr. Angwenyi is:

  • Writing Courses in Interdisciplinary Educational Diplomacy, Community Service Learning, and Linking Communities through Educational Exchanges.
  • Developing a University Curriculum to meet the Kenyan American children Diaspora market.
  • Developing a model to link Kenyans in the Diaspora and Kenyan villages in development to be incorporated through project based learning.
  • Developing the Technical High School model to incorporate STEM curriculum in the basic education before joining university.