Ms. Dorothy Mwawasi

Medical Hospital, Co-Founder

+1 703-799-6100
Dumfries, Virginia
United States


Ms. Mwawasi holds a Masters in Healthcare Administration from Marymount University. She also received her Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Christopher Newport University and a Masters in Business Administration at Marymount University.

Work and Experience

Ms. Mwawasi has more than 10 years’ experience in the non-profit sector including working for International Finance Corporation, USAID and Sauti ya Wanawake in Kenya. She has also conducted research in operations management for a clinic, human resource management and marketing for a grassroots women’s advocacy group, and designed employment and training program for a housing authority. Currently working in the education sector in local government.

Research projects

  • Marketing Plan for Sauti ya Wanawake, Kenya
  • How Health IT can be used to improve health disparities for the Underserved
  • Financial and Risk Analysis for AAH Clinic in Bupoto, Uganda

Diaspora University Town (DUT)

Dorothy Mwawasi joined DUT in 2020. She is among the University Founder and Medical Hospital founders.

Diaspora University and Medical Hospital Plan

Dorothy Mwawasi continues to work on the development plans of the University and Medical hospital as follows:

  • University Healthcare Courses as fore runner to setting up Medical school.
  • Preparations to teach classes at the University – Health Science courses.
  • Medical Hospital Patient Management Plan in collaboration with other healthcare professionals.
  • Doctors’ Plan in collaboration with other healthcare professionals.
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology care protocols in collaboration with other healthcare professionals.
  • Dialysis Clinics System.
  • Resource Development Agency (RDA) plan for developing Kenyan Entrepreneurs.