Joseph P. Gichuhi Psy.D

DUT Co-Founder

+1 909 268 2484
Riverside, CA
United States


Dr. Joseph P. Gichuhi holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University, in California, USA (1999.) An M.A. degree in Psychology from Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University, in California, USA. M. Ed degree in Counseling & Guidance from University of Arizona, Arizona, USA. M.A. degree in Christian Ministries from East Africa School of Theology. B.Sc. undergraduate degree in Geography and Geology from University of Nairobi.


Dr. Gichuhi is a Senior Pastor of Morning Star Victory Church in Anaheim, CA, USA. He has served as a clinical therapist in various Mental Health Agencies in Southern California for over ten years specializing in therapy with Severe Emotionally Deprived children. Briefly served as Interim Clinical Director in one of the Agencies. He has served as Director of the Institute of Christian Ministries and Training in Daystar University Nairobi, Kenya. He was also a Primary and then Secondary school teacher trainer in various Teacher Training Colleges in Kenya.


2003 “Values in Action” award. Tri City Mental Health Center.

Kenya University Project (KUP)

Dr. Gichuhi joined the Kenya University Project (KUP) 2015 as a property developer and as a university founder.

Diaspora University

Dr. Gichuhi as founder is currently working on the following:

  • Founding of the University Department of Humanities and Arts.
  • Write and teach courses on Religion and Culture, substance abuse, Ethics and Social Philosophy.
  • Found the student’s counselor department with emphasis on drugs and substance abuse prevention.