Ms. Lydia Shompole

University Co-Founder

+1 509-339-3303
Kent, WA
United States


Ms. Lydia Shompole holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree, in Electrical Engineering, with focus in With a focus on power distribution, 3 phase systems, transmission lines and fault cases. In progress Dual Master of Science (M.S) in Computer and Information Systems Security/Information Assurance, and Master of Science – (M.S) in Applied Business Data Analytics with a focus in Data Security at Boston University - Boston Massachusetts.


Shompole has more than 5 years in electrical engineering - power systems analysis performing short circuit, protective device coordination, harmonics analysis, motor starting, generator sizing, transient voltage switching analysis, power factor correction, and arc flash for industrial, commercial, and governmental clients.

She has worked on in various projects from the design phase through completed construction and follow up maintenance/revision analysis for both USA based companies/organizations and international clients:

Shompole is the founder/CEO of CrossPods a platform connecting businesses to podcast creators to support the distribution of successful international marketing campaigns.

Kenya University Project (KUP)

Shompole joined the progressing Kenya University Project development plan in 2019. She has since invested resources in:

  • Town House Property Development.
  • Visiting WPI and working on the Education system.
  • Visiting Site.
  • Courses and Research.

Diaspora University

Shompole is currently working on the following as she progresses the Diaspora University development plan:

  • Interdisciplinary Curricular Planning and Programs Designing, Assessment and Evaluation.
  • Is part of the Scholars developing Instructional programs.
  • Courses in Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science